What Do Millennials Have Against Baby Boomers?

Another Mystery Revealed! It Turns Out That Not Everybody's Singing Kumbaya In Generation Y

What do Millennials have against baby boomers?
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1Do Millennials really have something against baby boomers? What?

There’s a generation gap to say the least….but, not for the reason you might think.  Boomers are the original “Me” generation and Millennials are the second coming— so, it was inevitable that they wouldn’t get along.

It’s like when two only-child types attempt to get along (or worse-yet date).  It’s almost painful to watch.  Millennials do not have the same priorities (in part because they do not feel like it’s a realistic goal) — home ownership, one job with a livable wage, benefits and insurance, marriage, these are not the statistical norm for millennials… but, for boomers it was practically script.

2Are they justified feeling that way or just a bunch of whiners?

Millennials are tell-all. The world is an open book. Growing up with social media, selfies and sharing, they are accustomed to everyone knowing their business, and like it that way. They do not believe that information like, your salary is private, so they automatically assume boomers are making big-time bucks because they keep that information (and everything else) to themselves.

This “secret-keeping” keeps the wall -up between these two generations. Boomers think millennials are too plugged-in to pay attention to what is happening right in front of their faces—if they would just look up from their devices—they might have a clue, but they are too self-absorbed too bother, so they must be stupid too. Time to take a selfie!

3What else bothers them?

The parent-child relationship is very much alive in the way most boomers and millennials interact. Boomers are the original “Me Generation” because their parents wanted them to have everything and they got it for them. They did not however, learn much about paying it forward.

They work hard and expect that others should work hard too. In their generation, it got them where they needed to go. The same is not true for millennials. Millennials are self-minded, but civically engaged—They believe in hard work, it doesn’t look the same as when boomers did it. They are trying to change what the boomers have done. Elders are typically not big fans of being told what to do—hence, the riff.

4I’m a Gen Xer myself? Do I count?

Bridget Fonda and Matt Dillon in "Singles"
Well, of course you count… but, mostly just to you. Gen Xers are the forgotten generation…sandwiched between the Boomers and their millennial children you are the middle child.

5I can understand, but it makes me want to give them a good old fashioned spanking. Can you help?

Sorry to disappoint, but spanking is considered a bit passe these days. Instead – if you’re a boomer – remember the issues you had with your own elders – the folks we now refer to as “The Greatest Generation,” and the fact that they might not have seemed so “great” to you once upon a time. And then for the heck of it, consider running the question by your nearest Millennial.

You might get them to look up from their phones long enough– to give you a full eye roll.