8 Jeans That Will Make Your Big Butt Look Great

“I like big butts and I cannot lie…” You just have to love Sir Mix A lot and his Baby’s Got Back tribute to the diva’s with well-endowed behinds! If you’ve got it, you should flaunt it baby! Shop for clothes that accentuate your enviable ass-ets! Here is a list of big butt jeans specifically designed to make that bottom look GREAT!

1Shape fx Jeans

Shape fx Jeans- state their mission as the “jeans that are like a push up bra for your butt!” The Push-Up Control brand jeans are manufactured with built in mesh-ware that shapes the bottom, flattens the tummy and eliminates a muffin-top. Shape fx apparel is sold online and at a variety of retail locations.

2Hayley Butt Lift Jeans – Sold by Feel Foxy

Hayley Butt Lift Jeans promise gals who pack it in the back a sexy, truly feel good sculpt and shape pair of jeans. Manufactured from a blend of stretch denim and spandex fabric to hug the curves and not leave unsightly gaps. Hayley Butt Lift Jeans are made in Columbia and making hot waves in the USA

3Diamonds in the Sky Butt Enhancing Jeans by Vevox

Diamonds in the Sky Butt Enhancing Jeans leave no secrets, their “in-jeanous” invention is the heart shaped seam just above the derriere! The seam magic tapers around the hips, lifts and rounds and without gaping or riding up. The jeans design features a three button fly to flatten and control the stomach and what else – DIAMOND embellishments for just the right touch of bling at just the right place! Sold by Google online retailers like Hourglass Angel.

4NYDJ Not Your Daughter’s Jeans

NYDJ Not Your Daughters Jeans- Have the reputation of not only being flattering to a variety of body shapes, they are also super comfortable. The fabric is soft and easy to wear anywhere. Sold in a variety of online and retail locations. Visit NYDJ website for a complete list of where to buy Not Your Daughters Jeans.

5Levis Curved Jeans

Levis Curved Jeans- Is it any surprise the icon of jean manufacturers would also pioneer a line of jeans to enhance the better butt built woman? Levis 311 line offers the advantage of a great pair of “skinny jeans” that also lift the butt and flatter the figure with a patented tummy control feature! Levi jeans are available online or at one of their many retail partners. Visit the website for a complete list.

6Joe’s Jeans Honey Cut

Joe’s Jeans Honey Cut- Joe’s Jeans appears to be the preferred butt huggers of the Hollywood A-list. Divas know for this fabulous behinds love the look and fit of Joe’s Jeans. Available online and at retail outlets nationwide.

7Apple Bottom Jeans

Apple Bottom Jeans was launched in 2004 by rapper Nelly. The singer/songwriter was so taken with the look of the apple bottoms he featured them in several hit songs. Today Apple Bottom Jeans are sold by DrJays.com and other national retail outlets.

8Lee Riders

via Kohls

If a better bottom image is also watching the other bottom line – the budget Lee Riders maybe the perfect combination for the one-two punch. Lee Riders are cut based on 360 degree model imaging. Their patented Slender Stretch Denim is designed to hold its shape and flatter all day. Available at mass discount stores like WalMart, Kmart, and Target, Lee Riders may be the best touch for the well-ROUNDED woman!