7 Online Chocolatiers That Will Rock Your World

10 Online Chocolatiers That Will Rock Your World
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“There’s nothing better than a friend – unless it is a friend with chocolate.”– Linda Grayson, Printwick Papers

When the author Linda Grayson penned that line, she understood not only the value of friendship, but of a great chocolate fix. Today thanks to the power of the Internet, we can all indulge that passion with just a couple of clicks.  Here are seven of the most decadent online chocolatier perfections available right at your fingertips.

1Krause’s Chocolates

New York based Krause’s Chocolates offers more than 44 different varieties of hand dipped chocolates. The delicious centers of each piece is cooked in a copper kettle and made by hand. The hand-dipping process is what gives Krause’s candies their unique quality. The company’s temptations include a vast selection of chocolate novelties, custom molded items, and seasonal items all delivered to your door.


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Godiva may be the name of the famous female protestor of the 16th Century but say “Godiva” today and images of rich chocolate are what comes to mind. Godiva has been the iconic maker of fine Belgian chocolates since 1926. Master Chocolatier and Godiva founder Joseph Draps developed the formula for the smooth, rich delicacies in his Grand Place, Belgium shop. Today Godiva remains the quintessential definition of fine chocolates.


The business philosophy of French Master Chocolatier Michel Richart is that chocolate is the magical substance for mankind. It is difficult to argue the point when biting in to the perfection that is Richart Chocolates.


In 1852 Domingo Ghirardelli discovered gold in the form of luscious, rich chocolate. He opened his first confectionary shop in San Francisco, California and the company continues to produce top quality chocolates from the founder’s innovations.

5Lake Champlain Chocolates

Want the perfect chocolate? Make it yourself! At least that was the spirit behind Lake Champlain Chocolate in Burlington, Vermont. The opinion of the founder Jim Lampman and his staff has been endorsed by devoted customers from around the world. It is the company’s mission to deliver a “feast for the senses” and that is exactly what an order of Lake Champlain Chocolates provide!


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delivers on the founder’s mission of “peace, love, and chocolate.” Katrina Markoff had the vision of creating a world of experiential confections – specifically chocolates. Her recipes utilize a fusion of indigenous herbs, spices, roots, flowers and liqueurs designed to transport the palate on a journey through the world’s diverse cultures, tucked in a bite of Vosges Hut Chocolat.


Considered one of the world’s best chocolatiers Dolf Teuscher, Sr. started Teuscher Chocolates in a small village in the Swiss Alps more than 70 years ago. His recipes were lovingly created by experimenting with blends of the finest cocoa, fruits, nuts, marzipan and other delicate, natural ingredients. Today the Teuscher kitchens located in Zurich continue the family tradition and use those original recipes to create their marvelous confections.