6 Natural Metabolism Boosters

No need to track down exactly when it happened, but it happened.  Somewhere between turning 40 and today, our bodies slow.  It’s not you. It’s your metabolism.  There are two options: You can roll with it and stock up on elastic waist pants, or you can adjust your diet to boost your metabolism back up.

If you opt to boost, here are 5 quick tips to add to each meal:

1H2O Required

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Your metabolism starts to slow the instant you are mildly dehydrated. Drink water before you get thirsty to keep your metabolism boosted. Keep water by your bedside and make drinking a glass of water a morning ritual.

2Start The Day Right

Maybe not meat specifically, but protein is a must. Kick-start your metabolism first thing in the morning with good metabolism boosting nutrition, skip sugar unless it’s from fruit. Eggs, oats, protein-packed smoothies, Ezekial bread with yogurt. Find one or two options that you enjoy and work with your morning routine.

3Twice As Nice With Spice

Think flavor, not spicy. Skip the boring salt and pepper shakers to make your meals more delicious get creative. Cayenne pepper garlic, ginger, mustard seed, powered onion and turmeric all add flavor and variety to your meals while giving your metabolism and immune system boost too.

4Don’t Forget The Fruit

Apples, berries, citrus fruits and pears all positively affect your metabolism. An apple a day keeps the muffin top away. Our body wants a minimum of 60mg of vitamin C daily, but you can safely consume up to 500 mg and get your metabolism cruising. Adding fruit to your daily menu is simple— berries in breakfast smoothies, yogurt, toast, apples and pears in salads, pineapple and oranges for teriyaki chicken dinner.

5Lean Protein

A diet high in protein also leads to a higher metabolism. Protein helps you build muscle. The more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn. Focus on lean beef, chicken, turkey to keep calories to a minimum and fill you up.


Keep a little caffeine in your daily menu. Black coffee, green tea, even a little dark chocolate in moderation is good. Cutting it out is not recommended if it is currently in your diet, if not there is no reason to add it. If you want to try to add it, stick with green tea.   Consider these items a treat, so you do not go overboard.

Boost That Body

Take one idea from each of these tips and you have a metabolism boosting ingredient in every meal. Eating breakfast and drinking lots (and lots, and lots) of water are key to keeping your metabolism up. Resist the temptation to skips meals. It’s counterproductive to what you’re trying to achieve. Whenever your body starts to feel thirst or hunger, your metabolism starts to slow down to conserve energy and calories. The absolute best habit is to nourish your body with nutrient packed foods and water on a schedule— this will ensure your metabolism keeps working and does not go into conservation mode.