50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Wife

50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Wife
via Thomas Wanhoff/Flickr

Your special lady is approaching the important 50th birthday milestone – what to buy her?  The critical element in the gift selection is the thought process. Today’s 50 year old is not the rocking chair grandma variety of yesterday. Fifty may be considered the mother of “F” words but women are healthier, more physically active, stronger and staying YOUNGER than at any other time in history. Milestone gift ideas are unlimited, and the costs are relative, but a thoughtful presentation of a meaningful 50th birthday gift is – PRICELESS. Suggestions of gifts from the heart include


1Small Packages

There is something to be said about the best things coming in small packages. For example jewelry – a great gift for any occasion.  It is really hard to go wrong with a nice piece of bling. Watches inscribed with your initials, rings bearing significant birthstones, earrings, pendants the list is long for the selection of a prominent piece of jewelry to commemorate your wife’s special day.

2Works Of Art

Catch a special moment on film and you capture a memory, transfer the memory to canvas and you produce a work of art. Give your special lady a beautiful canvas to a special moment for her big birthday. Companies like Shutterfly provide photography transfer to canvas. The options are varied from collages to wide canvas and hand overdrawn services.


3Her Wish In A Bottle

You don’t need a genie in a bottle to grant your wife a birthday wish. Surprises are fun but jobs, family, and other responsibilities often require additional planning on the recipient’s part. Arrange a certificate that will provide her with options for her very own birthday wish. Make sure there is a token to go with the gesture like a genie lamp or wish box.

4A Cool Tattoo

Tattoos are no longer reserved for salty sailors, body art is big today. It is no surprise that more and more women are embracing permanent ink as expressions of personality and identity. If your wife is in the idea of tattoo art, schedule an appointment for a dual adventure in to the inktastic. Choose to get a tattoo for public admiration or in a secret place. Your tattoos will signify the gift of your special lady’s presence in the world for 50 years!

5Take Her Breath Away

Is your wife the adventurous type? President George H. Bush created a bucket list trend when he jumped from an airplane on his 80th, 85th and then 90th birthdays. Milestone birthdays – like the 50th – often provide the inspiration for such life altering activities. Skydiving schools offer brief course and instructors to accompany people interested in taking a plunge.  If soaring through the sky is a birthday desire, but the death defying feat of skydiving is not the vehicle try hot air ballooning. Many companies offer packages that include sunset balloon cruises complete with dinner, champaign toasts and a calm, but exciting birthday experience.

6All Her Favorite Things

Compile a list of a dozen of HER favorite things and check them off, one at a time on her birthday. Start with breakfast in bed – or at a favorite diner, stroll through her special park (or mall), eat lunch at a choice bistro, watch a movie, go to a concert, visit a museum, take a nap, whatever your wife loves to do!  Capture memories and mail them back to her electronically. The gift of your time and recognition of her interests are the best gifts you can offer.