10 Reasons You’re A Better Catch At 50

10 Reasons You're A Better Catch At 50
via Jaanus Silla/Flickr

Women say they begin to feel invisible around the age of 50. The hair needs dying more regularly, the pounds stick a little easier and men don’t seem to pay as much attention as they once did. There aren’t many women who will lament not being cat-called or regret being able to walk past a construction site without being subjected to “hey babe, what’s your number?” but it would be nice to still be on the radar of the handsome silver foxes out there.

Casually browse any online dating site and you’ll notice lots of still-single men in their 50s are only interested in women barely old enough to drive. They obviously need a little more time to wake up to the inarguable fact that having a lady of their own age is by far the better option.

1You’re wise

Not in an old, bespectacled owl kind of way, but in a smart, seen it all before, not going to fall for your garbage way. It’s hard to pull the wool over your eyes, so only men who are honest, upfront and happy to spend their time with an engaging, clever woman need apply.

2You know your flaws but don’t whine about them

You won’t sit poking your thighs complaining they’re fat, you’ll be rejoicing they got you through that 5K.

3You know how to dive right in

Where you were too self-aware in your 20s, 30s and even 40s to join classes, go places and speak up first, now you’ll happily dive in. You take bigger risks and push yourself further than you ever have, and will do things on your own if you have to.  This self-confidence is hugely attractive.

4You don’t believe in stereotypes

We weren’t all born looking like Australian model Elle “The Body” McPherson, but at 51, she’s just one reminder not all women of 50 have settled into their slippers; and she might still have trouble walking past a construction site.

5You’re old fashioned

– in the nicest possible way. You still have manners, are reliable and are punctual, because you grew up without being able to text a “sorry can’t make it” five minutes before you’re due to meet.

6You’ve learned you get out of life what you put in

You know you can’t depend on anyone else to make you happy, and you’ve realized sitting around waiting for the “perfect” time to do things means it’s never going to happen.

7You’re not looking to get a ring on your finger

If you meet a man who wants to marry you, that’s great, but getting into a white dress and walking down the aisle is definitely not high on your agenda.

8The kids question was already decided

Having a “do you want children?” conversation is never going to take place and this is liberating for both parties. It’s all about you, and him, and the fun you’re going to have together.

9The kids you have don’t limit you

If you do have children, you’re not running after them anymore. They still need you, and vice versa, but they’re not tied to your apron strings, and you don’t need to be home early on a school night. They won’t influence (greatly) who you date. After all, you’re not looking for a father figure in their lives.

10Your expectations are grown-up too

You’ve been around long enough to know Prince Charming doesn’t exist; you’re willing to cut the next guy you date some slack and won’t demand perfection.