10 Reasons You’re A Better Catch At 40

10 Reasons You're a Better Catch at 40
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You only need to look at some celebrities in their 40s to realize it’s definitely possible to get better with age. Photoshop, personal trainers and macrobiotic diets aside, some of the hottest women in Hollywood are in their 40s, with no shortage of admirers; but it’s not all superficial. You’re a better catch at 40 than you were in your 20s or 30s and here are the reasons why:


Your teens and twenties were full of insecurities about almost everything. Life experience has now given you a cool air of ‘couldn’t care less’…and that’s incredibly appealing.

2You’ve finally found your fashion stride

You’ve experimented with all the crazy hair and make-up, worn clothes you shouldn’t and cried “I have nothing to wear” in front of a bed full of discarded outfits.  It can take until your 40s before you finally figure out what really suits you and you’ll never again fall into the trap of wearing something simply because “it’s fashionable.”

3You know how a man should treat you

You know a healthy relationship doesn’t involve Facebook stalking or checking his phone when he leaves the room.

4You’ve become so much more interesting

You are involved in things that make you interesting, from photography to hot yoga and your weeknights don’t revolve around Instagramming your newly painted toenails hoping he’ll call. Being busy, but not unattainable, makes him yearn for you more than him knowing you’re at his beck and call.

5You know your own mind

Your friends will be there for you when you need them but you don’t need their approval to do things. In your 40s, you don’t need a gaggle of opinionated girlfriends to tell you who to date and who to dump.

6You know where your career fits in

You’re at a time in life where you’re not chasing a career and willing to work 18 hours a day to prove your worth. You have more time for the significant other in your life – as you care less about pleasing the boss, and more about pleasing yourself.

7You have your own money

You have your own money. If, particularly in the early stages of dating, he wants to treat you, you can accept it graciously but you’ll be able to pay your own way if need be, and don’t need to rely on him to be your provider.

8You’re really good company

Your experiences have made you smarter and stronger, and you can laugh at yourself. You’re funny and witty and don’t take life too seriously!

9You’ve got a great body (or can have one!)

If you’ve taken care of your body, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be a stronger and fitter version of the one you had in your 20s. You might have been way behind Sofia Vergara in the line when gorgeous genes were handed out, but you can be a shapely, sexy, ever-so-slightly older woman who can outshine the young‘uns any day.

10You’re a better person

You treat people better. While the 20 year olds are too busy thinking about uploading their latest trout-pout, duck-lips or sparrow-face selfie taken in the bathroom mirror, you’ve got space in your head for how others might be feeling.